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Welcome to Planet Charms.

A place where you can add the real “CHARM” for every moment of your life.

We, at Planet Charms, specialize in providing premium quality charms and charm bracelets to people through our online store.

Women all over the world collect these charms for their own personal satisfaction.
Each charm is a representation of a specific event or a reflection of anything else special that happened in their lives.

With a vision to create a unique, artistic, and innovative way of self-expression, we are committed to empowering millions of charm collectors and enthusiasts worldwide, through our amazing collection of products.

Charms That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Attention to the smallest details and emotions in our daily lives can have a strong impact on our moods and feelings of joy.

Exploring infinite possibilities of designing and providing a wide variety of imaginative symbols, logos, and charm signs, we want to encompass even the smallest things in your lives and help you make them a memory through these charms.

Stunning Designs, Premium Materials, and Affordable Prices: The Best Sterling Silver Charms Online

Offering the widest range of categories including love, nature, passion, symbols, and colors, there is something for everyone. Our focus is not just on an assortment of designs and styles but also on the use of superior and long-lasting quality of sterling silver materials. Every product and jewelry piece is an amazing reflection of our high standards of craftsmanship and will last with you for a lifetime.

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Our Charming Story

My name is Helen. I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful children who are the inspiration and center of gravity of everything I do in life.

With a goal of seeing my children happy, healthy and successful in everything they do, I love to collect charms and charm jewelry. These charms have an important place in my life as they symbolize my family, events, activities, and all aspects of my personality.

I have been collecting and assembling charms to make beautifully designed, vibrant, and unique bracelets since a time I do not even remember.

I find charms as a great way of telling my own story, accumulating the various memorable moments of my life together, and capturing stints that we as a family spend together.

I have charms for almost everything in life no matter good or bad, sad or happy.

The idea behind Planet Charms

I have been a strong follower and customer of one of the most renowned brands in the charm selling industry. Thanks to this brand, the community of charm lovers including myself, have benefitted for years.

With a huge variety of charms being added regularly in its catalog, the brand’s old products often got unavailable to potential customers due to the high influx of new products.

From a collector’s perspective finding, those older charms became rare and even impossible to find.

Additionally, the brand’s high quality and creative designs were available at a very high price, reducing our affordability.

With a vision to create a place where customers have the possibility of buying premium quality charms at very affordable prices and browse through the extensive catalog to search and find the charm they are looking for any time they want, I laid the foundation of my dream venture called Planet Charms.