About us

Where Every Charm Is a Story Waiting to Be Told

Welcome to Planet Charms, the place where your stories and the stories of those you cherish come to life in sterling silver. My name is Helen, and like you, I’ve always believed that the best treasures are the ones that speak to our hearts—whether they’re a personal keepsake or a heartfelt gift.

Our Journey Began with a Story - Mine

My own quest for the perfect charm that could capture my life's chapters led me to create Planet Charms. This journey wasn't just about me, though—it was about creating a space for anyone searching for that special piece that says, "This is us." Whether it’s a charm celebrating your personal milestones or a gift for someone dear, we believe in the power of these small treasures to tell big stories.

For You, For Them

Our mission at Planet Charms is twofold: to craft charms that allow you to wear your own story with pride, and to help you celebrate and honor the narratives of those you love with gifts that are personal and timeless.

Values That Connect Us

Quality is our essence; we pour our hearts into creating charms that will last a lifetime, just like the memories they represent. Individuality is our promise; from the charms that celebrate your personal achievements to the ones you choose as symbols of friendship and love, we ensure that every piece is unique. And community is our foundation; we're here to build relationships, to share stories, and to connect through the shared language of charm jewelry.

Goals That Guide Us

Our goals are inspired by you—our cherished customers. We aim to offer excellence in every charm we craft, to infuse creativity and care into our customizable options, and to connect with you through every step of your journey. We are dedicated to growing our Planet Charms family by listening to your stories and evolving with your needs.

A Charm for Every Tale

Whether you're Emma, collecting charms that mirror the milestones of your own path, or Alex, seeking the perfect, personalized gift for someone special, we're here for you. We understand that a charm can represent a chapter, a laugh, a tear, or a dream. It's not just jewelry; it's a piece of a story.

Join Us on This Enchanting Journey

Step into our world and find a charm that resonates with your story or helps you tell someone else’s. With each charm, we’re not just crafting silver—we're weaving together the narratives that color our lives.

With gratitude for every story shared and every moment celebrated,

Helen and the Planet Charms Family

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