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blue butterfly charm
blue butterfly bracelet
charm papillon bleu
blue butterfly charm
blue butterfly bracelet
charm papillon bleu

Blue Butterfly Charm

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    Wings of Wonder! The Captivating Blue Butterfly Charm That'll Set Your Heart Aflutter

    Butterflies are beautiful creatures, but not only. They represent spiritual transformation and rebirth, change, and hope for the upcoming life challenges. Add this monarch butterfly charm to your collection if you feel spiritually connected to this charming insect, or get it for one of your relatives if you believe it will make them vibrate.


    This charm is hand-finished in 925 sterling silver and is precausally decorated with blue enamel. The silver has been oxidized and is plated platinium to make it look even better and more fashionable.

    Compatible with Pandora Moment Bracelets.

     Product Type

    Charm Pendant


    925 Sterling Silver



    Depth 7 mm
    Height 12 mm
    Width 14 mm
    Item PL130CH

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    Blue Butterfly Charm