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cheetah charm
cheetah charm

Cheetah Charm

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    Savannah Sprinter Cheetah Charm

    Embrace the spirit of the wild with our Savannah Sprinter Cheetah Charm. This majestic addition to your Pandora bracelet captures the essence of one of nature's most remarkable runners, embodying its grace, speed, and poise in stunning detail.

    Distinctive Features of the Savannah Sprinter Cheetah Charm

    • Precision Match: Designed to integrate smoothly with Pandora Bracelets, this charm adds an exotic touch to your collection.
    • Silver Prowess: Forged from high-quality .925 sterling silver, the charm is robust, polished, and ready to accompany you on life's adventures.
    • Artistic Rendition: With its sleek shape and spotted coat, the charm is a miniature work of art, representing the cheetah's distinctive markings and lithe form.
    • Lustrous Sheen: A mirror-like finish makes the charm gleam like the African sun, highlighting the cheetah's elegant silhouette and dynamic posture.

    Adorning your bracelet with the Savannah Sprinter Cheetah Charm signifies a celebration of the untamed beauty of the animal kingdom and the free spirit within you that yearns to run wild and free.

    A Tribute to Nature's Artistry

    The charm is a homage to the cheetah, not only for its breathtaking speed but also for its singular beauty and the awe it inspires. It's a piece that showcases the intricate balance of power and elegance that the animal represents.

    An Enduring Gift of Grace

    Encased in a tasteful package, the Cheetah Charm is a gift that symbolizes respect for the natural world and a passion for conservation. It's perfect for wildlife enthusiasts or anyone who admires the raw beauty of these magnificent creatures.

    Infuse Your Style with Wild Charm

    By choosing the Savannah Sprinter Cheetah Charm for your Pandora bracelet, you're not just choosing a jewelry piece; you're adopting a symbol of agility, resilience, and the sheer joy of movement. It's a statement that you carry with poise, a spark of the wild in your everyday life.

    If you wish to learn more about our Savannah Sprinter Cheetah Charm or require assistance, our customer service team is available to guide you. We're committed to bringing a piece of the savannah's splendor into your life with elegance and distinction.

     Product Type

    Charm Bead


    Plated Gold


    Cubic Zirconia

    Depth 4 mm
    Height 17 mm
    Width 14 mm
    Item PL434CH

    Cheetah Charm