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gold unicorn charm
gold unicorn pandora
gold unicorn charm
gold unicorn pandora

Gold Unicorn Charm

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    Enchanted Essence Gold Unicorn Charm

    Embark on a journey to the mythical realms with our Enchanted Essence Gold Unicorn Charm. This dazzling charm, crafted to enchant your Pandora bracelet, is a tribute to the magic that dwells within you and the fantastical dreams that guide your way.

    Splendid Features of the Enchanted Essence Gold Unicorn Charm

    • Harmony with Pandora: Designed with precision to fit your Pandora bracelet, this unicorn charm adds a sprinkle of fantasy to your cherished collection.
    • Golden Gleam: Made with the finest gold-plating over sterling silver, this charm captures the allure and mystery of the legendary unicorn.
    • Mythical Craftsmanship: The charm features intricate detailing, from the spiraling horn to the flowing mane, bringing the majesty of this fabled creature to life.
    • Sparkle of Imagination: Adorned with shimmering accents, this unicorn charm glints in the light, igniting imagination with every movement.

    Wearing the Enchanted Essence Gold Unicorn Charm is an invitation to believe in the extraordinary and to carry a piece of legend and lore with you every day.

    A Beacon of Dreams and Wonders

    This charm is a reminder to hold fast to your dreams and to believe in the possibility of the impossible, with the unicorn serving as your guide.

    A Captivating Gift of Fantasy

    Presented in a charming gift box, the Gold Unicorn Charm makes a spellbinding gift for those who cherish fantasy, wonder, and the power of belief.

    A Glimmer of Enchantment on Your Wrist

    Let the Enchanted Essence Gold Unicorn Charm grace your Pandora bracelet as a symbol of purity, grace, and the enchanting journey of life.

    Should you seek more enchantment or wish to share your own fantastical tales, our customer service team is eager to converse. We are proud to offer a charm that not only enhances your bracelet but also embodies the whimsical spirit of fantasy and the belief in magic that lies within us all.

     Product Type



    925 Sterling Silver, Plated Gold





    Depth 2 mm
    Height 13 mm
    Width 12 mm
    Item PL409CH

    Gold Unicorn Charm