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green turtle charm
green turtle pandora
green turtle pendant
green turtle charm
green turtle pandora
green turtle pendant

Green Turtle Charm

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    Serene Journey Green Turtle Charm

    Dive into the depths of oceanic beauty with our Serene Journey Green Turtle Charm. Meticulously crafted to complement your Pandora bracelet, this charm embodies the tranquil voyage of the sea turtle, a creature synonymous with wisdom, longevity, and peaceful navigation through life's waters.

    Key Features of the Serene Journey Green Turtle Charm

    • Designed for Pandora: With its custom design, this turtle charm fits your Pandora bracelet as seamlessly as a turtle glides through the sea.
    • Verdant Hues: Cast in sterling silver and accented with vibrant green enamel, this charm captures the essence of the turtle's natural habitat in the lush marine world.
    • Delicate Detailing: Every scale and flipper has been sculpted with care, reflecting the turtle's peaceful demeanor and the intricate patterns that adorn its shell.
    • Symbolic Presence: The turtle is a powerful emblem of protection, good fortune, and serene progress, making this charm a meaningful addition to any collection.

    Adorning your bracelet with the Serene Journey Green Turtle Charm is a statement of your connection to the natural world and your appreciation for the steady, measured pace of life's journey.

    An Emblem of Graceful Fortitude

    This charm is not only a decorative piece but also a symbol of endurance, stability, and the gentle strength that propels us through life's changing tides.

    A Gift of Calm and Wisdom

    Encased in a beautiful presentation box, the Green Turtle Charm is an ideal gift for those who embody or aspire to the turtle's calm wisdom and serene approach to life's journey.

    Carry a Piece of the Ocean's Serenity

    Let the Serene Journey Green Turtle Charm be an addition to your Pandora collection that brings a touch of tranquility and a reminder of the ocean's vast mysteries and the peaceful paths they hold.

    For those who feel a kinship with the sea turtle or have tales of serene voyages, our customer service team is here to engage. We are delighted to offer a charm that is not only visually captivating but also rich with meaning and connection to the ancient rhythms of the sea.

     Product Type



    925 Sterling Silver





    Depth 3, mm
    Height 13 mm
    Width 11 mm
    Item PL408CH

    Green Turtle Charm