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jellyfish charm
jellyfish pendant
meduse charm
jellyfish charm
jellyfish pendant
meduse charm

Jellyfish Charm

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    Undersea Elegance! The Graceful Jellyfish Charm for Ocean Enthusiasts

    Jellyfish are very intriguing animals. They represent movement, instinct and simplicity. What else would you expect from a creature that has no heart, no brain, and no eyes ? If you are on this page, it is most likely that jellyfish is your spirit animal and that you feel connected to its philosophy: be at one with nature and letting life and nature guide you through your own unique path. Add this jellyfish charm to your jewelry collection                             


    This majestuous charm is hand-finished in 925 sterling silver and is carefully decorated with transparent and blue zirconium dioxide stones (a very resistant material that has the classic diamond shape and gives this glittering appearance.)

    This Jellyfish Charm is compatible with Pandora bracelets.

     Product Type

    Charm Pendant


    925 Sterling Silver


    Crystals, Cubic Zirconia



    Depth 8 mm
    Height 17 mm
    Width 10 mm
    Item PL1157CH

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    Jellyfish Charm