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peacock charm
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peacock charm
peacock pandora
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Peacock Charm

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    Plumage Splendor" Peacock Charm – A Symphony of Color and Grace

    Behold the "Plumage Splendor" Peacock Charm, a vibrant celebration of natural beauty and regal presence. This exquisite charm is a tribute to the peacock, symbolizing nobility, guidance, and protection.

    Key Features of the "Plumage Splendor" Peacock Charm:

    • Vivid Display: The charm showcases a peacock in full splendor, with an array of colors that capture its majestic plumage.
    • Artisan Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, each charm reflects the artistry and elegance of its inspiration.
    • Symbolic Significance: Embrace the peacock's symbolism of vision, self-expression, and integrity in your daily life.
    • Versatile Accessory: This charm is a striking addition to any jewelry collection, perfect for both casual and formal attire.

    Embellish Your Ensemble

    Add the "Plumage Splendor" Peacock Charm to your bracelet or necklace to infuse your look with the peacock's legendary allure and a splash of color.

    A Gift of Splendor

    Present this charm as a thoughtful gift to someone special as a symbol of admiration and a wish for their prosperity and happiness.

    Everyday Elegance

    Let this charm be a daily reminder of your own unique beauty and the pride you carry within, inspiring confidence wherever you go.

    With the "Plumage Splendor" Peacock Charm, you carry with you a piece of the elegance and mystery that peacocks have inspired throughout history.

     Product Type



    925 Sterling Silver




    Green, Blue

    Depth 6 mm
    Height 18 mm
    Width 9 mm
    Item PL379CH

    Peacock Charm