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rooster charm
Sterling silver rooster charm
Rooster charm handcrafted with premium sterling silver
rooster charm
Sterling silver rooster charm
Rooster charm handcrafted with premium sterling silver

Rooster Charm

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    Cock-a-doodle Cool! The Striking Rooster Charm for Early Bird Fashion Fans

    Are you looking to expand your jewelry collection with a funky and colorful item? Welcome to the adorable rooster charm!

    This charm is made of sterling silver and depicts a rooster in a lifelike and detailed manner, complete with elaborate plumage and a stout stance. But let's face it, roosters have a reputation for being a little diva-like. This charm has unique significance because it pays homage to all roosters who are merely making an effort. Since roosters are frequently linked to boldness, self-assurance, and tenacity, they make the ideal present for a loved one or a special piece of jewelry.

    When it comes to combining this charm, the possibilities are unlimited. You may combine it with other charms on a charm bracelet to add a fun and eclectic touch, or you can wear it on a necklace or bracelet for a unique and fashionable style. And because it is made of sturdy, premium sterling silver, it will undoubtedly become a prized addition to your collection.

    Don't let this chance pass you by! With this adorable rooster charm, you can give your outfit a dash of playfulness and compassion. Its hole diameter of 4.5mm and around 1 inch length make it simple to attach to your favorite jewelry items. Order yours right away and acknowledge all the roosters who are merely attempting to display their might.

    Compatible with Pandora bracelets.

     Product Type

    Charm Pendant


    925 Sterling Silver

    Depth 5 mm
    Height 14 mm
    Width 12 mm
    Item PL1271CH

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    Rooster Charm