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sloth charm
lazy animal charm
sloth bead
sloth charm
lazy animal charm
sloth bead

Sloth Charm

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    Slow Style Wins! The Adorable Sloth Charm for Chilled-Out Charm Lovers

    Sloths might look like lazy animals but you got to see it another way. Indeed, this special mammal represents patience, groundedness, conservation and relaxation. If there is one animal from which humans should take example of, it is the sloth. Meanwhile we are all have that busy life and putting out health in danger through stress and anxiety, the sloth is going against the grain and take its time to do what matters the most for him instead of rushing in every directions. 

    Having this Sloth Charm on your bracelet on a daily basis will remind yourself of this animal's philosophy and it will help you to take it easy and live your life to the fullest.

    This Sloth Charm is compatible with Pandora bracelets.


     Product Type

    Charm Bead


    925 Sterling Silver

    Depth 8 mm
    Height 11 mm
    Width 13 mm
    Item PL1296CH

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    Sloth Charm