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capricorn bead
Capricorn Charm
capricorn bead
Capricorn Charm

Capricorn Charm

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    This Capricorn Charm is for the most grounded of all zodiac signs.

    The world needs to know how proud you are being a Capricorn so go out and show off your personality by wearing this amazing bead on your charm bracelet or on your necklace. Capricorns are the most ambitious of all zodiac signs and you are not afraid to stand up for yourself. How good does this match your inner vibrations if you are born bewteen December 22 - January 19?

    If you are looking for a gift for yourself or for your Capricorn friend, this is definitely what you were looking for.

    So how relevant is this charm to you?


    This astrology bead is hand-finished in 925 sterling silver. It features the Capricorn symbol as well as its constellation. The stars featured on this charm are made of zirconium dioxide, a very resistant material that has the classic diamond shape and gives this glittering appearance.

    Compatible with Pandora Moment bracelets.

     Product Type

    Charm Bead


    925 Sterling Silver


    Cubic Zirconia

    Depth 11 mm
    Height 11 mm
    Width 11 mm
    Item PL150CH

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    Capricorn Charm