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cocktail glass charm
cosmopolitan charm
cocktail glass pendant
cocktail glass charm
cosmopolitan charm
cocktail glass pendant

Cocktail Glass Charm

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    Cheers to Charm! The Swanky Cocktail Glass Charm That's the Life of the Party

    Sex on the Beach? Cosmopolitan? Moscow Mule? Pina Colada? Get this Cocktail Glass Charm in memory of your all-time favorite alcoholic beverage that made you do crazy things back in the days. 


    This Cocktail Glass Charm is hand-finished in 925 sterling silver. The cocktail's liquor is decorated with green enamel and zirconium dioxide has been engraved on the pendant's bail, the cocktail's lemon and on the pink talisman attached to the glass. Zirconium dioxide is a very resistant material that has the classic diamond shape and gives this glittering appearance.

    Compatible with Pandora bracelets.

     Product Type

    Charm Pendant


    925 Sterling Silver


    Crystals, Cubic Zirconia


    Green, Pink, Yellow

    Depth 8,2 mm
    Height 18,6 mm
    Width 8,4 mm
    Item PL166CH

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    Cocktail Glass Charm