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from paris with love charm
from paris with love charm

From Paris with Love Charm

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    Romance Eternal 'From Paris with Love' Charm

    Immerse in the romance of the City of Light with our 'From Paris with Love' Charm. Perfectly crafted for the love-struck soul sporting a Pandora bracelet, this charm is a love letter from Paris, capturing the essence of the city's timeless charm.

    Signature Features of the 'From Paris with Love' Charm

    • Designed for Pandora Aficionados: This charm is finely tuned to fit your Pandora bracelet, embodying the spirit of love and the enchantment of Paris.
    • Sterling Sentiments: Sculpted from exquisite .925 sterling silver, the charm gleams with the promise of love's enduring nature.
    • Artistic Flair: Adorned with iconic Parisian symbols, the charm is a tribute to the city's romantic landmarks and its storied reputation as the capital of love.
    • Polished Elegance: The charm's mirror-like finish reflects the luminous beauty of Paris by night, as seen in the sparkling waters of the Seine or the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower.

    Wearing the 'From Paris with Love' Charm is not just an aesthetic choice—it's a statement of passion, an homage to the city that has inspired countless love stories.

    A Memento of Romance

    This charm is a tangible whisper of romance, designed to carry the allure of Paris wherever you go, reminding you of the city that has been an eternal muse for lovers around the world.

    The Perfect Present for Your Beloved

    Presented in a charming gift box, this Paris-themed charm is the ideal surprise for your significant other or anyone who holds a special place in their heart for Paris.

    A Parisian Love Affair on Your Wrist

    Add the 'From Paris with Love' Charm to your Pandora bracelet to carry a piece of Parisian romance with you every day, sparking memories of walks along the Seine, kisses beneath the Eiffel Tower, and the promise of amour.

    For more details or to express your Parisian adventures, reach out to our customer service team. We take delight in bringing you a charm that captures the heart and soul of Parisian love.

     Product Type



    925 Sterling Silver


    Cubic Zirconia

    Depth 5 mm
    Height 11 mm
    Width 10 mm
    Item PL413CH

    From Paris with Love Charm