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gingerbread house charm
gingerbread house pandora
Gingerbread House Charm
gingerbread house charm
gingerbread house pandora
Gingerbread House Charm

Gingerbread House Charm

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    Enchanted Delight Glow-in-the-Dark Gingerbread Charm

    Indulge in the festive spirit with our Enchanted Delight Gingerbread Charm, a delightful addition that brings a whimsical touch to your Pandora bracelet. This charm doesn't just capture the essence of holiday treats; it also offers a magical glow when the lights dim, keeping the warmth of the season aglow.

    Key Features of the Enchanted Delight Gingerbread Charm

    • Perfect for Pandora: Specially designed to fit your Pandora bracelet, this gingerbread charm adds a dash of holiday cheer to your jewelry ensemble.
    • Sterling Sweetness: Crafted from premium .925 sterling silver, the charm reflects the joy and nostalgia of holiday baking and festive fun.
    • Luminous Charm: Infused with a glow-in-the-dark feature, this gingerbread charm softly radiates with a comforting light, reminiscent of cozy holiday evenings.
    • Artisanal Detailing: With meticulous attention to detail, the charm boasts icing adornments and a sweet smile, bringing the gingerbread figure to life.

    The Enchanted Delight Gingerbread Charm is more than a simple trinket; it's a piece of holiday magic that you can carry with you, offering a playful reminder of seasonal joys and childhood wonder.

    A Sweet Symbol of Holiday Memories

    This charm serves as a glowing emblem of the festive season, evoking memories of sugar-spun dreams and the merriment of holiday gatherings.

    A Gleaming Gift of Merriment

    Presented in a charming box perfect for gifting, this gingerbread charm makes a delightful surprise for loved ones, or for anyone who cherishes the heartwarming glow of the holiday season.

    Illuminate Your Collection

    Add the Enchanted Delight Gingerbread Charm to your Pandora bracelet and let its gentle luminescence guide you through the festive season with a sprinkle of joy and a pinch of magic.

    If you're enchanted by the glow of our Gingerbread Charm or if you have sweet tales to share, our customer service team is just a wish away. We're excited to offer a charm that captures the glowing heart of holiday traditions and festive cheer.

     Product Type



    925 Sterling Silver





    Depth 8 mm
    Height 12 mm
    Width 12 mm
    Item PL412CH

    Gingerbread House Charm