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hamsa evil eye charm
hamsa evil eye charm

Hamsa Evil Eye Charm

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    Guardian Gaze Hamsa Evil Eye Charm

    Embrace the protective aura of our Guardian Gaze Hamsa Evil Eye Charm. Designed to be a harmonious addition to your Pandora bracelet, this charm is a modern talisman, blending ancient symbolism with contemporary elegance to shield you from unseen adversities.

    Exclusive Features of the Guardian Gaze Hamsa Evil Eye Charm

    • Pandora-Compatible: This charm is engineered to fit perfectly with your Pandora bracelet, serving as a guardian amidst your collection of memories and milestones.
    • Symbolic Silhouette: Shaped in the form of the Hamsa hand and the all-seeing eye, the charm is a storied symbol of protection, prosperity, and good health.
    • Sterling Craftsmanship: Composed of sterling silver and adorned with a sapphire blue cubic zirconia centerpiece, it reflects the traditional Evil Eye amulet's power to reflect negativity.
    • Intricate Artistry: With its fine detailing and handcrafted appearance, this charm captures the essence of the protective Hamsa, ensuring that it stands out with significance and style.

    Wearing the Guardian Gaze Hamsa Evil Eye Charm is a statement of your belief in the power of protective symbols and their ability to bring peace of mind in your daily life.

    An Amulet of Ancient Wisdom

    This charm acts as a personal guardian, drawing on centuries of tradition to offer you a sense of safety and spiritual shelter.

    A Gift of Protective Grace

    Presented in a delicate gift box, the Hamsa Evil Eye Charm is an ideal present for those who value spiritual tokens and the comfort they can provide.

    A Talisman of Timeless Protection

    Incorporate the Guardian Gaze Hamsa Evil Eye Charm into your Pandora bracelet as a shield against the unseen, a beacon of calm, and a stylish accessory that transcends cultural boundaries.

    Should you seek further understanding of this emblem or wish to express your experiences with protective symbols, our customer service team is ready to assist. We take pride in offering a charm that is not only an adornment but also a bearer of hope and spiritual safeguarding.

     Product Type



    925 Sterling Silver





    Depth 3 mm
    Height 15 mm
    Width 12 mm
    Item PL407CH

    Hamsa Evil Eye Charm