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happy birthday charm
happy birthday pandora
happy birthday charm
happy birthday pandora

Happy Birthday Charm

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    Celebrate Life Happy Birthday Charm

    Mark the joy of life's special moments with our Celebrate Life Happy Birthday Charm. Designed to fit harmoniously on your Pandora bracelet, this charm is a sparkling commemoration of another year's journey and the joy that each new age brings.

    Highlight Features of the Celebrate Life Happy Birthday Charm

    • Pandora-Ready: This charm is expertly crafted to clip onto your Pandora bracelet easily, celebrating your milestones with elegance.
    • Birthday Splendor: Made with sterling silver and featuring festive detailing, it encapsulates the excitement and happiness of birthday celebrations.
    • Vivid Enamel Accents: Colored with cheerful enamel, it brings a pop of color to your bracelet, symbolizing the vibrancy of life.
    • Memorable Design: With "Happy Birthday" inscribed, this charm serves as a joyful reminder of the day that is all about you or your loved one.

    Wearing the Celebrate Life Happy Birthday Charm is not just an addition to a jewelry collection, but a wearable snapshot of birthday joy and a symbol of the beauty of aging gracefully.

    A Token of Timeless Celebration

    This charm reflects the laughter, wishes, and memories that birthdays bring, making it a treasure in your Pandora collection.

    A Gift of Cheerful Reminiscences

    Nestled in a charming gift box, the Happy Birthday Charm is the perfect present to show someone you cherish the annual celebration of their existence.

    A Circle of Celebration on Your Wrist

    Let the Celebrate Life Happy Birthday Charm be a part of your Pandora array, a piece that carries the melody of 'Happy Birthday' and the warmth of well-wishes with every wear.

    For individuals who hold dear the significance of birthdays or have stories of unforgettable celebrations, our customer care team is delighted to connect. We take pride in presenting a charm that is a jubilant emblem of life's yearly milestones and the sweet passage of time.

     Product Type



    925 Sterling Silver


    Crystals, Enamel



    Depth 3 mm
    Height 15 mm
    Width 12 mm
    Item PL405CH

    Happy Birthday Charm