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love bicycle charm
love bicycle pandora
love bicycle charm
love bicycle pandora

Love Bicycle Charm

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    Cherished Journey Love Bicycle Charm for Pandora Bracelets

    Set your heart on a whimsical ride with our Cherished Journey Love Bicycle Charm. Specially designed for the romantics at heart, this delightful charm brings a playful touch to your Pandora bracelet, capturing the joy of a leisurely bike ride on a sunny day.

    Key Features of the Cherished Journey Love Bicycle Charm:

    • Pandora Compatibility: Easily adds to any Pandora bracelet, complementing your charm collection with its whimsical design.
    • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Forged from the finest sterling silver, this charm portrays a vintage-style bicycle, complete with rotating wheels and a basket brimming with love.
    • Delightful Details: Accented with a tiny, heart-shaped balloon and embellished with sparkling cubic zirconia, this charm symbolizes love's adventurous journey.
    • Sentimental Symbol: A bicycle represents progress, balance, and the path of life, making this charm a poetic addition to your story.

    The Cherished Journey Love Bicycle Charm is a tribute to the simple pleasures in life and the paths we take in the name of love.

    A Symbol of Life’s Adventures

    Embrace the ride of life and love, with each turn of the charm's wheels reminding you of the joy in the journey.

    Romantic Nostalgia

    With its vintage charm and romantic symbolism, this piece is a reminder of carefree days and the timeless nature of love.

    A Gift of Whimsy

    Gift this charm to a loved one who cherishes life's adventures or to celebrate the journey you've embarked on together.

    Let the Cherished Journey Love Bicycle Charm pedal its way into your heart and your Pandora collection, symbolizing the love that moves you forward every day.

     Product Type



    925 Sterling Silver





    Depth 3 mm
    Height 13 mm
    Width 12 mm
    Item PL389CH

    Love Bicycle Charm