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seal charm
seal bead
seal lion charm
seal charm
seal bead
seal lion charm

Seal Charm

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    Slippery and Sleek! The Playful Seal Charm for Marine Mammal Enthusiasts

    In symbolism, the seal is associated with a lot of caracteristics, often related to the best things in life: playfulness, good luck, dreams, love, fidelity, curiosity, and power. If the seal is your Totem Animal, then it means that you are striving to listen to your inner self and balance your life to it, and therefore, this charm will help your remind you of your goals everytime you need it.


    This seal charm is hand-finished in 925 sterling silver and features a seal. The silver has been oxidized to make it look brighter than ever and the seal's face has been carefully decorated with black and pink enamel. Add this charm to your jewelry collection right now!

    This Seal Charm is compatible with Pandora bracelets. 

     Product Type

    Charm Bead


    925 Sterling Silver



    Depth 11 mm
    Height 13 mm
    Width 12,5 mm
    Item PL1283CH

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    Seal Charm