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Spring Murano Glass Bead
Spring Murano Glass Bead pandora
Spring Murano Glass Bead
Spring Murano Glass Bead pandora

Spring Murano Glass Bead

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    "Blossoming Whimsy" Spring Murano Glass Bead

    Welcome a breath of fresh air into your jewelry collection with the "Blossoming Whimsy" Spring Murano Glass Bead. Exquisitely handcrafted from 925 sterling silver and genuine Murano glass, this bead is a tiny encapsulation of spring's vivacity, compatible with Pandora bracelets for a seamless blend of elegance and seasonal cheer.

    Key Features of the "Blossoming Whimsy" Spring Murano Glass Bead:

    • Spring's Palette: The bead showcases a riot of colors reminiscent of a meadow in full bloom, with intricate floral patterns celebrating the rebirth of nature.
    • Silver Linings: A core of the finest 925 sterling silver ensures strength and a lasting shine, promising enduring beauty and quality.
    • Pandora Ready: Its thoughtful design is compatible with Pandora bracelets, allowing for easy integration into your existing collection.
    • Murano Mastery: Authentic Murano glass from Italy speaks volumes of its exceptional craftsmanship, making each bead a wearable work of art.

    Embrace the Season

    The "Blossoming Whimsy" bead is a tribute to the transformative power of spring, designed to infuse your day-to-day with the hopeful essence of the season's first blooms.

    An Artisanal Gift

    Gift this bead to someone special as a symbol of renewal and joy. It's more than a charm; it's a daily reminder of growth, resilience, and the beauty of life's perennial beginnings.


     Product Type

    Murano Glass Bead


    925 Sterling Silver



    Depth 14 mm
    Height 14 mm
    Width 9 mm
    Item PL445CH

    Spring Murano Glass Bead