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witch charm
witch bead
witch pandora
witch on a charm bracelet
witch charm
witch bead
witch pandora
witch on a charm bracelet

Witch Charm

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    Magical Maven! The Bewitching Witch Charm for Spellbinding Style

    The witch's casting of spells and potion-making symbolizes the enchantment and mystique associated with drawing power from sources of unknown strength. Our witch charm serves as a reminder to embrace the magic within and embodies the alluring and enigmatic character of this misunderstood person.

    This exquisite charm is made by hand from sterling silver and has fine craftsmanship that portrays the enigmatic and supernatural characteristics of a witch. This charm is sure to appeal to you whether you enjoy magic or are simply drawn to the allure of the paranormal.

    This charm, however, represents the strong and unrealized potential of the human soul and is more than just a distinctive piece of jewelry. Wear it to serve as a constant reminder to embrace your inner magic and never be scared to be who you are.

    Don't pass up the chance to include this endearing object in your collection. Let the witch work her magicwitch on your charm bracelet by clicking the "Add to Cart" button right away!

    Compatible with Pandora bracelets.

     Product Type

    Charm Bead


    925 Sterling Silver





    Depth 10 mm
    Height 12 mm
    Width 12 mm
    Item PL1343CH

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    Witch Charm