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bouquet charm
bouquet charm

Bouquet Charm

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    Blossom Medley Bouquet Charm

    Encapsulate the vibrancy of a spring garden with our Blossom Medley Bouquet Charm. This delightful addition to your Pandora bracelet brings with it the freshness of blooming flowers and the joyous spirit of nature's colorful display.

    Key Features of the Blossom Medley Bouquet Charm

    • Perfect Pairing: The charm is engineered to blend seamlessly with your Pandora Bracelets, creating a cohesive and charming look.
    • Sterling Elegance: Made from the finest .925 sterling silver, this charm has the robustness to last and the shine to catch the eye.
    • Floral Symphony: Featuring a bundle of flowers, each petal and leaf is rendered with exquisite detail, celebrating the diversity and beauty of nature's artistry.
    • Gleaming Finish: With a high-polish finish, the charm gleams like morning dew on fresh petals, enhancing the charm's intricate design and vibrant allure.

    By adding the Blossom Medley Bouquet Charm to your collection, you're carrying with you the essence of a perpetual spring, a symbol of growth, renewal, and the bounty of the earth.

    Artisanal Detail in Every Blossom

    The mastery behind the Bouquet Charm lies in its delicate details. Each flower in the bouquet stands out, inviting admiration and symbolizing a collection of life's precious moments.

    A Gift That Blooms Forever

    Presented in a charming box, the Bouquet Charm is an exquisite gift that won't wilt with time. It's ideal for commemorating special occasions or for giving someone a constant reminder of nature's boundless beauty.

    A Garden of Elegance on Your Wrist

    Incorporate the Blossom Medley Bouquet Charm into your bracelet and let it be a daily reminder of nature's resilience and the joy of colorful blooms. This charm is a conversation piece, a statement of sophistication, and a personal celebration of life's flourishing moments.

    If you are seeking more information or have any inquiries about our Blossom Medley Bouquet Charm, our customer service team is on hand to assist you. We are dedicated to ensuring that your experience is as delightful as the charm itself.

     Product Type



    925 Sterling Silver, Plated Gold


    Crystals, Cubic Zirconia, Enamel



    Depth 8 mm
    Height 14 mm
    Width 10 mm
    Item PL424CH

    Bouquet Charm