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butterfly murano glass bead
butterfly murano glass bead

Butterfly Murano Glass Bead

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    Iridescent Flight Butterfly Murano Glass Bead

    Celebrate the delicate beauty of transformation with our Iridescent Flight Butterfly Murano Glass Bead. This luminous addition to your Pandora bracelet captures the ethereal grace of butterflies, immortalized within the timeless art of Murano glass.

    Unique Attributes of the Iridescent Flight Butterfly Murano Glass Bead

    • Harmonious Compatibility: Expertly formed to pair with Pandora Bracelets, this bead offers a snug fit and a harmonious blend with your existing charms.
    • Murano Mastery: Handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional Murano glass techniques, each bead is a unique piece of wearable art.
    • Butterfly Essence: The bead features a colorful butterfly motif, symbolizing change and the ephemeral nature of beauty.
    • Luminous Artistry: Encased in glass, the butterfly appears to hover, its colors catching the light to create a captivating display.

    This Butterfly Murano Glass Bead is a touchstone for personal growth and the joy of life’s continuous unfolding. It serves as a wearable reminder of the beauty of change and the transformational power within us all.

    Handcrafted Heritage

    Each bead is a link in the centuries-old chain of Murano glassmaking, a tradition known for its quality and beauty. The butterfly motif is a testament to the artistry that Murano glass embodies, a perfect fusion of history and elegance.

    A Mesmerizing Heirloom

    The bead comes nestled in a protective box, making it a magnificent gift for anyone who appreciates the art of glassmaking or the symbolism of butterflies. It's an exceptional choice for marking significant life changes or as an heirloom to pass down through generations.

    Adorn Your Wrist with Winged Wonder

    Incorporate the Iridescent Flight Butterfly Murano Glass Bead into your Pandora bracelet collection and let it serve as a beacon of personal metamorphosis. This bead isn’t just an ornament; it's a statement of resilience, a celebration of life's transformations, and a piece that will attract admiration from all who see it.

    To inquire further about our Iridescent Flight Butterfly Murano Glass Bead or for any additional support, our customer service team is at your beck and call. We are passionate about providing you with a piece that encapsulates the beauty of Murano glass and the wonder of the butterfly's journey.


     Product Type

    Murano Glass Bead


    925 Sterling Silver



    Depth 14 mm
    Height 14 mm
    Width 9 mm
    Item PL436CH

    Butterfly Murano Glass Bead