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Heart & Key Charm

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    Love Unlocked Heart & Key Charm

    Unlock the symbol of unending affection with our Love Unlocked Heart & Key Charm. This exquisite piece, designed to complement your Pandora bracelet, intertwines the timeless symbols of love and commitment into a single sterling silver charm.

    Distinctive Features of the Love Unlocked Heart & Key Charm

    • Designed for Pandora: This charm is created to fit harmoniously with your Pandora bracelet, adding a narrative of love and the secrets of the heart.
    • Sterling Silver Craftsmanship: Composed of premium sterling silver, the charm features a delicate heart and a precise key, representing love's ability to unlock the deepest of emotions.
    • Elegant Detailing: The heart is intricately designed with filigree patterns, and the key with its precise cuts, epitomizes the care put into the creation of this charm.
    • Symbolic Representation: Each charm is a testament to love's journey – the heart awaiting the right key to open up its full potential.

    Adorning your bracelet with the Love Unlocked Heart & Key Charm, you carry with you a timeless reminder of love’s depth and the key that unlocks its greatest joys.

    A Keepsake of Affection

    This charm is not merely a decorative item; it's a keepsake that can signify personal milestones or the binding connection between loved ones.

    An Emblem of Love’s Mystery

    Encased in an elegant box, the Heart & Key Charm is ready to be gifted to someone special, symbolizing the unique key that unlocks your shared love and secrets.

    Cherish the Symbol of Love’s Bond

    Add the Love Unlocked Heart & Key Charm to your Pandora bracelet as a celebration of the love that enriches your life, always close to hand and heart.

    If you wish to carry a symbol of love's profound mystery or gift an emblem of affection, our customer service team is delighted to assist. We take pride in offering a charm that carries more than beauty—it carries the essence of heartful connections.

     Product Type



    925 Sterling Silver


    Cubic Zirconia

    Depth 2 mm
    Height 14 mm
    Width 12 mm
    Item PL402CH

    Heart & Key Charm